Saturday, October 4, 2008

Award Winning CD!

So it took another two awards to move us into the blog world...

We are so excited that our collaborative group, Cygnus Storytelling, came together to learn from one another, support our creativity and combine our talents in the art of storytelling. We have discovered that their is power in the flock!

A little over a year ago the National Institute on Media and the Family asked if we could produce a CD to help model the storytelling process for individuals and families. The five Cygnus Storytellers gathered in a recording studio and with the help of a great recording technician, Andre from Babble-On Recording Studios, "U Tell A Tale" was created.

The next step was the CD cover art and design. Thanks to Tom Racine and Karen Wollscheid it is fun loving and well represents the contents of the stories recorded.

The middle of September we found out that our CD received the National Association of Parenting Publications' Gold Award (NAPPA). Yesterday we received the Parents Choice Approved Award.

Great reviews are coming in and we will post a few. U Tell A Tale is available for $15 plus shipping and handling of $2.50 - email us at


U Tell a Tale CD: Stories told by Cygnus Storytelling:
Tina Rohde, Colleen Shaskin, Mike Mann, Jenifer Strauss and Kevin Strauss

1. Where the TV Use to Be
2. The Turtle Who Talked Too Much
3. The Amazing Mouse
4. Moose in a Muddle
5. The Eagle Who Thought He Was a Chicken
6. The Eyes in the Closet
7. Itsy Bitsy Jane
8. The Three Bear Rap
9. Anansi's Counting Trick
10. The Three Little Beavers
11. The Wishing Fish


U Tell A Tale is a well-balanced mix of favorite tales and original stories by Cygnus Storytelling, tied together by a handful of animal friends guaranteed to delight listners of all ages. The variety of tales combines with the varied styles of five tellers to make this collection a delight to listen to.

As a new mom, I'm always looking for fun things to do with my son, and listening to this disc is wonderful. This is a disc that parents will enjoy as well as the kids, a treasure for the whole family! My son's favorites are "Moose in a Muddle" and "The Three Bear Rap,"he loves the singing and rhythm. I particularly enjoyed the story about the eagle who thought he was a chicken. I even found myself telling the stories back to my son as the day went by; without meaning to, we were storytelling! A disc that has the ability to create spontaneous moments of telling and imagination is a rare and special thing. And any disc that can entertain my toddler and make me giggle is a definite winner.

I've listened to many story collections over the years, and this one is one of the most kid friendly and accessible ones I've come across. A definite must for a ride to the grocery store or an afternoon of folding the laundry!

Michelle Chelstrom, Mom of a 19 month old boy
Buffalo, NY

Parent's Choice Review

U Tell A Tale: Stories Told Through-U

Fall 2008 Storytelling
Ages: 4 - 12 yrs.
CD Price: $15.00

Eleven brief stories (folk tales, original stories, raps, cultural stories, and adaptations of traditional pieces) offer samples that can be told by a variety of ages. In addition to the fun of hearing (and retelling) these stories, listeners will recall several important "warnings" offered as helpful life lessons. "The Turtle Who Talked Too Much" is a reminder that there are times it is better to remain silent. Other stories (such as "The Eagle Who Thought He Was a Chicken") encourage young learners to accept and explore their individual differences instead of becoming too complacent or accepting of how things seem to be. "The Amazing Mouse" reminds listeners that even the smallest among us can sometimes make an enormous difference. The variety of different tellers and performance styles boosts the value and appeal of this creative collection of stories.

Dr. Flora Joy ©2008 Parents' Choice

Dr. Flora Joy is a Professor Emeritus of Storytelling at Eastern Tennessee State University. She is the founder of ETSU's Storytelling Master's Degree Program in Storytelling and the founder of the National Storytelling Youth Olympics.